Sunday, 20 March 2011

John Waters, VSP

The thoughts of John Waters, on Friday 18th March:

Compared with Saddam, Gadafy is a sitting duck, hated by his people far more than he is feared by them, and elaborately surrounded by female bodyguards as though further to taunt the West with its own spinelessness and self-imposed impotence.

For several weeks now he has been there for the taking, but the western powers have prevaricated and procrastinated, tabled resolutions and debated the imposition of a pointless no-fly zone, hoping for an outcome – any outcome – that would not involve them having to do anything.

Barack Obama is the embodiment of this culture of hypocrisy and childishness: a black president who is president because he is black, a walking advertisement for left-liberal vanity, a man who can match, word for word, the verbal flatulence of an era characterised by delusion, cowardice and empty talk. A fortnight ago, when Gadafy was still vulnerable, Obama loudly declared that the Libyan leaders “must go”, but since then he has done precisely nothing to enable such an outcome.

It’s a pity he doesn’t write for the WaPo. The Sadlynauts could have such fun.